Day 0/30 – 100k Visit Challenge

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I’m always up for an ambitious challenge. I see a lot of “how we went from x to x” visit type case studies. So thought I’d go for an ambitious one. The aim for the next thirty days, buy, build and complete my targeted amount of visitors. Whilst being completely open about stats.

What’s the challenge?

My aim will be to get 100,000 sessions in a month. Ideally I would like to get 100,000 users but that’s unlikely due to the way that I’m promoting my site.

What will the domain be?

I browse domainlore daily (dropping UK domains) and saw the domain: which I thought was quite cool. It had a good amount of search volume for the exact match (not expecting to rank for it at all though). So that’s what i’ll be using.

What’s the restrictions?

  • Everything used must be available to anyone. (Only exception is my affiliate tool for redirects, there is alternatives though which will be provided)
  • No money will be spent advertising the site.
  • All efforts made will be started from scratch, no using anything built previously.
  • All bot traffic will be excluded (using GA)
  • All visitors must be going to something that is useful to them, no trying to trick users into getting clicks.

What type of content will be posted?

Anything unfinished really. I will start with cars as that’s what I’m familiar with and have some experience of in the past. My guess is that I will expand out into furniture and potentially websites too (not sure how i’d drive traffic with sites yet though).

How will I promote the site?

To start the aim would be to push through Facebook, perhaps if I have enough spare time I could try and get some guest posts in on blogs around this kind of thing.


Anything else I should add? Let me know.


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