14th February 2017


HairColorCode was another of our 5 sites we acquired, whilst not as good historically as some of the others, there's still potential in some of the articles. 

With a very active comment section, it's great for a source of unique content.

Stats - February 2017

12,669 Sessions

20,266 Pageviews

1.60 Pages/Session

00:01:07 Average Duration


To take an inactive hair blog and let it grow. (Sorry, couldn't resist the hair pun). For us personally, we know nothing about hair styles, so to find the right person to work with who is passionate. 


After taking over look to have added ~60 sessions a day to the visitors.  

The Challenge

This site has a lot of broken images and spam comments, as well as poor internal linking and UX. So will be working to develop that over time. I believe 1000 sessions a day should be achievable over time. 

Next Steps

To remove all the spam comments, find a passionate hair blogger to call this place their home and try and hit our target. 

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