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19th December 2016


Pacham is our second comparison site, launched around Christmas 2016. It's currently sitting at 100 sessions a day. 



To replicate the success we had with Zebo, whilst also testing out the US for similarities to the UK. 


We saw a similar growth pattern to that of Zebo, however it seems to not have leveled off, we are working on growing this site with features that seem to have helped Zebo grow. We will use this as a case study for our users. 

The Challenge

We want to get the user numbers up to a similar level of Zebo, we believe that if done correctly it should overtake Zebo as the US is a larger marketplace. 

Next Steps

Throughout March we are aiming to try and get Google to have a larger crawl budget, we have a large amount of keywords that we believe could be ranking, we just need them to be indexed.  

0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

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