14th February 2017 was part of our first set of sites we acquired, it's had a good record historically but has been neglected the past few years.

An example of one of the recipe pages.
An example of a fully finished page on Franklin Roosevelt

Stats - February 2017

10,000 Sessions

12,595 Pageviews

1.30 Pages/Session

135.13% Revenue Increase


To take a site that has been left inactive and give it a new lease of life. 


Initial looks from taking over are good, we've had some of the of the best days for both visitors and earnings.  

The Challenge

To keep growing the earnings and traffic to the site by adding and improving current content and structure. 

Next Steps

To try and target some of the featured snippets and improve rankings slowly. We are going to get some more content posted and improve the articles and formatting that are currently substandard.

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