10th September 2016


Zebo was our first scalable website launch, what started out as a small project doing tests has grown to a large amount of visitors sometimes serving over 3000 users a day. 

The homepage shows the latest products that users have interacted with.
A view of our query page, with filters, ads and small facts.

Stats - January 2017

69,000 Sessions

105,000 Pageviews

1.6 Events per Session

48.98% Goal Conversion

135.13% Revenue Increase


To make an automated scaling platform that has quality for the user and ranks within Google.


Within a four month period we have grown from 0 to over 100,000 pageviews a month. If we continue at our current level of traffic (Feb is looking promising) then throughout this year we will serve over 1 million pageviews.  

The Challenge

We’ve got a pretty big goal with this one, by the end of the year we would like to hit 250k pageviews a month, whilst also increasing earnings per session AND user experience. 

Next Steps

Throughout February we have a few things planned to try and push the site as far as possible. Including retesting of adverts and social sharing. We are also planning on increasing our database of content and growing our stores out to more niches. 

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