On valentines day, we decided to do something a bit unique, we ended up purchasing five different websites in a few different niches.

These sites look to have just been left inactive since 2012-2014 so they were prime candidates for us to just get them up to date with best practices.

The sites are:

The main reasons we purchased this bundle of sites, was because of WorldWar2 and HairColorCode, these are ones that we believe we could turn them around into something that generates a larger amount of income.

What are our plans for these sites?

  • SSL
  • Image Optimisation
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Ad Optimisation
  • New content

As i’m writing this 11 days after we purchased the site, I can tell you that we have managed to increase the traffic on every single one of the sites. Roughly 5% each within just 11 days. One of these sites has gone from earning £1 per day to £5 per day. Whilst it’s not a large enough sample we are happy with the direction these sites are going and will hopefully give you a bit more detail in our monthly review.