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With our latest project, we have to sign up to a lot of emails. So we see a lot of mistakes and things that can be improved on. Have a look at the form below from Rajapack.

As you can see there’s a couple of mistakes. The first being “firstname” is missing a space, the second being that “Postcode” should have an asterisk next to it.


Once successfully subscribed. You get an awkward popup with messaging that doesn’t really sit well. This messaging comes from the website. So when reading “I have successfully subscribed” you think that the website/company has managed to subscribe to itself. Instead the better messaging would be “You have successfully subscribed” or if you wanted to push a more friendly brand message, something along the lines of “Welcome to our newsletter, we’ll be sending you great offers, deals and updates every “[x time|Week]” .”

I'm the guy responsible for keeping this site up to date and looking into all the data behind our sites as well as a variety of other tasks.

About Overwork

We are a small partnership, we blog about our purchases, tips, tricks, case studies, reviews and monthly updates.

We Buy Websites

We are always on the look out for websites to buy, they can be in any area, the only limitation is eCommerce sites based in specific countries. 

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