As part of my 30 day challenge, along with trying to get the target amount of visitors, I am also trying to show what I’ve done by posting a few guides on how to do some things.

Setting up a site on Cloudflare is really simple. You need to select “Add Site” or “Sign Up”.

Here’s the steps that you will see when going through adding a site.

  1. Add Your Site
  2. Verify DNS
  3. Select Plan
    For the majority of users, if you’re relying on trying to generate an income from this site, I would recommend the pro package. However, if you are running on a budget (or cheap) then I would go for a Free package and try and do the extra changes that pro offers yourself. It is more work but it is pretty easy to do most of it.
  4. Change Nameservers
    This varies depending on your host. To find out how to do this search “How to change nameservers on HOST NAME”.