14th February 2017 was part of our first set of sites we acquired, it's a moderate amount of daily visitors but improvements can be made.

An example of one of the our most popular pages

Stats - February 2017

5100 Sessions

7632 Pageviews

1.50 Pages/Session

N/A Revenue Increase


To learn about the topic and grow the site that has been left dormant.  


There is a limit around these kinds of search terms, so growth may be limited. However, initial progress is good (March stats will show this).  

The Challenge

Whilst not knowing the topic very well, we need to figure out how to create new content relevant to the site, as well as improving what is currently there.  

Next Steps

To sort out a lot of the internal styling. Some of the bullet points for example are off and internal linking could be improved quite drastically. 

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