Zanox and AffiliateWindow Merge Review (SEO/UX)

  • 6th March 2017
  • SEO
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I think the Awin rebrand is great, I’ve done a small post here.

However I think they have missed a few things from an SEO and UX point of view.

Why Isn’t HTTPS Default? 

It’s something that these days is pretty much a given, all the large sites of the internet are doing this. The odd thing is they’ve got all versions available and are using a canonical to the https version. Google has also started indexing their https version which is a good sign, however is to be expected as it’s now indexing https by default.

Temporary Redirects!

I’m hoping that this actually is just a part of their migration process (I am writing this 3-4 hours after Google has crawled). These should really be 301 redirects as they are permanently going from to

English On International Homepages

As you can see, the three main headings on that image are all in English, this is the Polish version, having a quick scroll through all international versions are in English.

No Hreflang

They have no hreflang on any of their international pages, as the site looks to be translated very well across the board, it should be something that would really complement the site.

English OG and Twitter Markup

This is the source code for the Polish homepage. You can see that the og:title is “We are affiliate marketing – Awin” which isn’t Polish. According to Google translate it should be: “Jesteśmy Affiliate Marketing – Awin”.

Control Panel Mixed Content

As you can see, it is just a single image that’s not secure. However it is marking the whole dashboard as not secure.

Not HTTP/2

There’s some speed benefits that they’re potentially losing out on by not being on http/2.



As a whole, the migration looks to be good, however as you can see above there are some decent sized issues that Awin would need to address. I’ll keep this post up to date with more issues as I find them.

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